Being Southeast Asia's largest privately owned and independent hotel operator, our main focus point is to maximize each hotel’s potential to generate optimum revenue, cash flow, ROI and capital growth. This is accomplished through innovation, while continuously repositioning the hotels' products and human resources to create a competitive edge.

To achieve that, our Corporate teams regularly visit all hotel departments to train the staff and update brand standards, services and concepts. We conduct quarterly finance and operational meetings with the owner and hotel management team, and provide two finance audits per year, together with a detailed report, that includes our carefully selected recommendations. We also hold annual department head conferences and training sessions with workshops, which are a great opportunity to celebrate success and appreciate the hard work.

We have robust systems in place that enable us to manage our hotels effectively. Hotel operations are monitored closely and we stay on top of the hotels’ day to day activities at any time. We work closely with the General Managers and their teams, for example we are hands on when it comes to rate contracting for travel agencies and corporate accounts and stay in close contact with the property sales teams. The same applies to marketing and e-commerce. Our Corporate teams fully manage all OTAs and brand websites, while continuously improving content and user experience. Business results of all hotels are monitored and thoroughly analysed in order to meet requirements and expectations and support decision making. Financial reports at hotel levels are prepared in accordance with Corporate requirements and in line with the reporting timetable. The same applies for the reviews of monthly general journals and balance sheet reconciliations.

Staying on top of the ever evolving connectivity and distribution landscape can take away time and focus from the essential hotel operations. Our hotels do not need to worry about this and leave it in our hands, as we have years of experience and excellent partner relationships to fully and successfully manage it. Our Corporate teams are the single source to effective inventory/rate connectivity and distribution across all channels with maximum profitability in mind.

Managing the various systems such as the channel manager, booking engine, rate shopping tool etc. can be very daunting at the hotel level. Add to this the required expertise of uncovering critical sales and marketing opportunities and effectively executing them at the right time, whether through metasearch or retargeting ads, and one can only imagine how vital it is to have a designated team of professionals that is dedicated to these tasks on a daily basis.

Many industry professionals underestimate the importance of reputation and relationships in this field. With technology changing at a record speed and opportunities emerging across all levels, there are many players in the market looking to optimize their profits. Hotels are the least protected and most vulnerable ones in the chain, and this is where reputation and relationships (together with expertise) make a big difference - and why Archipelago is the preferred partner for many hotel owners and distribution partners alike.

Our hotels are in good hands, and monitored and assisted around the clock to ensure the highest returns to their owners. It comes as no surprise, that we are the fastest growing hotel group.

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