A trusted partner of Dubai's leading full service short term apartment and villa rental company Maison Privee, Powered by Archipelago assists accommodation companies to accelerate their online business and stay ahead of the competition.

Many hotels lack the resources (teams, tools, systems and expertise) and without proper systems in place, this gets worse over time, while opportunities are missed.

We offer the first all-inclusive plug-and-play solution to this problem. Instead of wasting time, money and energy shopping around and then arranging for the set up and integration, we provide all (or some) of the following tools along with their set up, implementation, training and ongoing oversight with your hotel team:

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Rate Shopping Tool
  • Rate Parity Checker and Fixer
  • Metasearch integrator
  • Retargeting ads sniffer
  • Rate adjustment trigger
  • Chain Rate Distribution Playground
  • Campaign Performance analyser
  • Geographic market penetration analyser

We effectively answer some of the key questions many hoteliers have:

  1. How to get full support from the channel manager?
  2. How to maximize the power of the channel manager?
  3. Is the channel manager calibrated to perform at full speed?

The answer: We audit, fix and help improve the hotels’ connectivity to all distribution channels.


  1. Are we being dictated by online partners?
  2. How to maximize the power of the booking engine?
  3. How to use meta-searches effectively?
  4. How to solve rate parity issues?
  5. How to maximize marketing potential of the OTAs rather than merely using them as distribution channels?

The answer: We can optimize the distribution strategy to be more effective and efficient on meta searches, OTAs and B2B platforms.

Revenue Management

  1. How to eliminate the nuisance of manual rate changes by the revenue team?
  2. How to increase Channel Manager bandwidth allocation?

Our services provide the following solutions:

The answer: We help automate systems so that hotel teams can focus on what really matters - yielding and revenue generating strategies.


As a bonus, the years of our industry leading experience and unrivaled relationships, enable us to secure the absolutely best deals from online partners and act as a representative for hotels that need help.

As a result of all the above, the impact on your business when partnering with us is obvious:

  1. Increase in revenue, cleaner systems, better distribution.
  2. Increase in ADR as preferential agreements with OTAs lead to more favourable perks.
  3. Increase in revenue as maximizing the power of OTAs marketing capabilities draws more eyeballs and builds a better digital footprint.
  4. Improvement of guest satisfaction scores as automation of distribution processes allows your teams to focus on service delivery.
  5. Cost savings as you pay for materialized bookings only as opposed to ‘pay per click’.
  6. Lower OTA commissions
  7. Lower staff cost and immediate access to a complete system.

Powered by Archipelago is available in conjunction with any of our brands. Hotels that value individuality and prefer the use of their own name, can become part of the exclusive ‘Collection by ASTON’.

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VP Sales, Marketing & Revenue Mangement


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