Our Rebranding Services ensure that a hotel is equipped with everything it needs to meet all brand standards for a perfect positioning in the market.

We start with a thorough audit conducted on all hotel levels to identify the areas of rebranding. We then prepare a property-specific GSM (Graphic Standard Manual) and MPL (Master Purchasing List), that serve as important guides throughout the purchasing process. At the same time, we make the brand identity documents available to the hotel, which include details on how to bring the brand to life and build a brand culture.

We then coordinate the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) audit with the hotel, which is critical for required upgrades and improvements. At this stage, we also set up the server implementation and hosting.

This is only the beginning of the rebranding journey and a glimpse of our structured and highly effective process that assists hotel owners from A to Z during this period of critical but exciting change.

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