Hotel owners benefit from our expertise during the early development and construction stage, as we assist to conceptualize, design, build and fit out projects in the most marketable, operationally efficient and cost-effective manner.

We prepare a complete Business Environment Analysis, the design brief and facility recommendations and provide standard room designs, including electrical outlets and lighting requirements. In conjunction with the appointed architect, we help develop the architectural plans and design the back of the house area, while at the same time we produce the interior design concept with the designated interior designer.

We also thoroughly review any feasibility studies, business models and conceptual designs prepared by third party consultants and developers, and review, advise and verify designs and/or systems for:

  • Architecture, Landscaping, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Health and Recreational Facilities
  • Low Voltage including sound, MATV, Security & Fire System and Surveillance
  • Computers
  • Communications and Telephone
  • Kitchen, Laundry and Back of House
  • Interior Design
  • Lighting / Acoustics
  • Graphics / Uniforms

We work with respective consultants and developers to determine the final plans, and make recommendations on the selection of operating supplies and equipment, including vendors. We assist the hotel with the preparation of the budget, including initial working capital and inventories, and prepare 3-year financial projections.

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